The Shop

You are welcome to our shop at Shopper’s Stop Plaza-AG12,
on Sihk Road, behind Shoprite Entebbe  Road.

Day old chicks
Commercial Eggs
Fertilised Eggs
Drugs & Vaccines
Farm Products and Equipment
Feed Additives
Veterinary Services

Besides enhancing your standards and performance, this shop also
serves as the distribution point for day old chicks.


Solar Incubator

The Solar Incubator comes with a unique set of advantages
especially for rural communities.

No electricity bills since it is solar powered.
Easy to use and maintain.
Easy to relocate or transfer.
Long lasting Batteries with efficient power storage capacity.
Suitable for individuals, Farmer groups, SACCOs, etc.
Capacity of 144 eggs per setting with good hatchability
Training on how to operate the equipment.

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