Chicken Breeds

We specialize in breeding three types of chicken;

Cobb 500 for broilers
Our broilers are designed to meet proper dietary needs. At Asiima
we know that just because it is chicken doesn’t mean it’s fit to
eat. Our team of vets ensures that the broilers are safe for human
consumption and give the client bang for their money.


Issa Brown for layers
Asiima layers do only one thing properly; that is to lay high quality
eggs! With our team of professional committed service at your
disposal, you can’t go wrong unless you do so on purpose or gross


Rainbow Chicken
Rainbow is a poultry breed from India known for its tasty meat in
addition to its productivity and ability to survive in situations
typical to any developing country like Uganda. It is a multi-color
bird. It is used for laying eggs and for meat.The chicken can live
perfectly under what is described as “scavenging circumstances”
and they also grow faster. However, would need vaccination and
de-worming for specific diseases.

The Rainbow produces about 170 eggs in a cycle as opposed to the
indigenous one, which does about 40 eggs in the same period.
Rainbow reared for meat is ready for consumption after two months.
The layers start laying at five months. At maturity, the chicken
weighs about 3.5kg, making it a better broiler compared to the local
breeds that normally weighs 2-2.5kg.


Day Old Chicks

We supply high quality day old chicks every Tuesday and Friday
from our outlet in Kampala City at Shopper’s Stop Plaza-AG12.
For purposes of efficiency, customers need to book at least two to
three weeks in advance depending on the season.
Booking is confirmed with a cash deposit of 30% of the total value
of consignment. We have capacity to supply any number of chicks
starting from 50.



The very hygienic environment in which chicken lay eggs and
mechanized process of egg collection, ensures high quality eggs for
our customers all the time. Asiima eggs are the best on the market
with an impressive nutritional value and size.
We have an egg shop in Kisenyi on Kafumbe road opposite DFCU
bank. The eggs supply is regular, constant and steady at this outlet.


Brooding services

We provide brooding services for those interested in one month old
chicks. If you are not very conversant with managing the first days
of chicks, this is a good package.

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